How do you organize the evening for a wedding reception?

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Gene Singing

Wedding flowersThe first set is usually at a lower volume level and filled with love songs, both new and classics. We typically play 70 minutes for a first set. During that first set are the bride and groom’s first dance. That is usually followed by the bride and father dance. That is usually followed by groom and mother dance. Sometimes these two dances can be combined. Bride and father will dance for 1 minute and then the groom and his mother join the bride and her father on the dance floor. After the first set the band will take a 20 minute break. During that time is a great place to make champagne toast and cut the cake. We will handle all of the MC duties needed to facilitate this part of the evening.

Our 2nd set usually starts with some classic Motown songs as a medley. We then do a 3 to 4 contemporary group of songs. This lets everyone know that we’re not just playing oldies for the night. We then following that with a 70’s medley and then an 80’s medley. This all moves along quickly. We like to move from song to song very quickly to keep the audience on the dance floor. We then take another 20 minute break. We will set up an I pod playlist of your choice. Often this is contemporary dance songs that are fun for everyone. We can do this DJ style if you want.

The beginning of the 3rd set is a great place to do a bouquet and garter toss. We follow that with contemporary dance material or other songs of your choice. Our goal is to keep everyone dancing and keeping the energy level on 10! A last dance for the bride and groom is a good thing at the end of the evening. Something slow and romantic to send them off on their honeymoon.

Example of a time line:
7:00 to 8:10 – quieter romantic songs for cocktails and hor d’oeuvres or a seated dinner. The bride and groom’s first dance and the father and bride dance will occur during this set.
8:10 to 8:30 – break with champagne toasts and cake cutting
8:30 to 9:40 – dance music – classic fun stuff and a few new songs
9:40 to 10:00 – break with custom I Pod playlist just for YOU!
10:00 to 11:00 -bouquet & garter toss followed by high energy dance music with a lot of audience participation

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