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Will it be fun?


Yes!!! Fun is our middle name.


What size stage do you need?


For the 9 piece band (Plot) – we request a 24 feet wide by 12 feet deep stage. We also need about 3 feet on each side of the stage for speaker stacks, mixing console and lighting rig. If possible we also ask for a 6 x 6 drum riser that is 18 to 24 inches in height. We can fit into a 20 feet wide by 8 feet deep but it is really tight. A 5 or 6 piece band (Plot) can fit on a 16 feet wide by 12 feet deep if space is tight. With the smaller band, we still need the 3 feet on either side for speakers, mixer, and lighting.


How much power do you need?


A minimum of 3 separate 20 amp – 110 circuits are needed – 4 is even better. Even though you may have several outlets near the stage in a venue, these are often on one circuit of 20 amps. Some venues have this issue worked out. What we don’t want is a blown circuit breaker in the middle of a show. It’s hard on the equipment and it just stops a party right in its tracks, so to speak.


Outdoor parties:


If the temperature is below 50 or above 90, things get very difficult. Direct sunlight can damage electronic gear in a hurry. Some kind of overhead protection becomes vital. A tent or awning is very helpful. Under a porch is also good. Remember, we’re standing close to one place. Drummers and keyboards are stationary and can’t move around to get the air moving. Fans also help on outdoor gigs in the spring, summer and early fall. Water halts everything. We DO NOT PLAY in the rain or even a light sprinkle. If you plan an outdoor function, please have rain plans in place. If it rains, we stop and full payment is due. We can move to indoor place but moving time comes off of playing time. We bring close to $50,000 worth of equipment to these gigs and it does not work in the rain. Electronic equipment becomes very dangerous when mixed with water or other liquids.


Can you play soft enough so that we can talk?


YES! We only play parties. We understand the dynamics of the situation very well. We’ve played over 1200 parties over the last 25 years. We play soft background music for cocktails and dinner. We slowly bring the energy level up as the party progresses.


Do you provide prerecorded music on your breaks?


Yes! We make custom I-Pod playlists for each event and match the mood of the live music with our short intermissions. We will try to tailor it to your personal tastes.


Do you charge less for 2 or 3 hours?


No, we charge by the event. We can only play one event at a time. It’s the same setup and tear-down of equipment no matter how much time is involved. Sometimes special consideration can be given if it is early in the week or ends before 5:00 on a Saturday.


Do you always have the same band members?


Yes and no. The Roof Raisers is a band that works 50 weeks a year. Most of the time, 90% or better, it is the same, but like any office people get sick, people go on vacations, and family tragedies occur. These things happen with all bands and any work situation. The good bands in the Metroplex deal with this all the time and it is not an issue. That is why The Roof Raisers has a “book.” These are the arrangement of all of our material. Our musicians read music. If there is a problem, we make sure no one is aware but us. That is why we have a great reputation in the Special Event Community of the Dallas / Fort Worth area. If we do have to use a replacement or “substitute” they will be the best musicians available in the Metroplex. After many years of doing business in the DFW area, Roof Raisers have a large alumnae pool to draw from for our musician needs.


Can you learn a special song for us?


Yes, unless it is something really out of our normal realm. We usually need about 2 weeks notification and CD or some type of digital music file. i.e. MP3


Can you play soft and quiet music in the beginning of the evening and energetic party music later in the evening?


YES! That is the game plan for 70% of our functions. Some events need to start “Way UP” in the energy department. Some events need to have “high energy” when they open the doors to the ballroom for about 30 minutes and then transition to dinner or cocktail music for an hour before moving to up-tempo dance music. These often have a different character than Black Tie seated dinner functions or weddings. Most events start soft with background music and light jazz this segues into light vocal tunes and movie themes. The 3rd and 4th sets should be very energetic. We like to end our nights on a very high note. A big finish is always a lot of fun.


Do we have to feed the band?


No, but soft drinks, water, and sandwiches are greatly appreciated. Often the band and crew are on-sight for 8 to 10 hours. It takes about 3 to 4 hours to set the 9-piece band up. This creates a long day without nourishment. If it is at all possible, an out of the way room or area designated for band and photographers can be a very good thing. We will comply with whatever you feel is appropriate.


Can your pianist play for cocktails in the lobby?


YES! There is a charge for this added time.


Can your pianist play ceremonial music if needed?


YES! There is a charge for this added time.


Can you do a trio for dinner and then the full band later? YES! This is easy to do.


Do you provide a wireless mic for announcements and toasts? Yes, we can have 2 or 3 as needed.


Do you provide all sound and lighting for the event? Yes.


Can you play an all C&W event? Yes.


Can you play an event without C&W music? Yes.


Can you fit into a smaller space?


Sometimes, but people need room to move around on stage. It really takes away from the show, when the entertainers are cramped on stage.


When does the band arrive for the job?


For a 7:00 pm start we usually arrive at 3:00 o’clock. In other words 4 hours before the start time. Anything under 2.5 hours takes special consideration and will incur an additional charge. We usually have to hire extra personnel to accomplish a quick set up.


How much time does the band need after the event is finished?


Our crew people need 2 hours to strike the stage and put instruments in cases and move it to the dock of exit area and into our truck. Anything less than this takes special consideration and usually incurs an additional charge.

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